About the Faculty

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences is one of the medical faculty s in Arar. Its two divisions for male and female students were founded after the High Order established the Northern Border University in 1428 Ah, By High Order No. 10093/M on 1428/11/21 AH and the Decision of the Council of the Ministry of Education, session 46 on 1428/6/2 AH.

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences seeks to be among the best faculty s of applied medical sciences in the Kingdom in the qualification and training of graduates with knowledge and skills to enable them to perform clinical services and conduct scientific research to serve the community and improve health services in the Northern Border Province. Distinguished administrative staff, faculty members, and various committees and units deliver these goals to serve the student and the community.

The faculty’s departments offer several Bachelor’s degrees to male and female students in Arar. 

 The duration of the study in the faculty is four academic years, in which the student takes theoretical and applied (practical and clinical practices) courses, after that he\she spends a full compulsory year of clinical training (Internship Year) in the medical departments of advanced hospitals in the region and throughout the Kingdom, where he\she applies for learned information and benefits from the experience of his predecessors on the job.  

The faculty graduates specialists to work in the Ministry of Health, or government hospitals of Saudi universities, military hospitals, and medical laboratories, technology and clinical nutrition centers. The graduate can also work in research centers and standardization authorities such as the Saudi Drug and Food Authority.

    Dr. Nasser Al-Qahtani
    Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences

    Vision and Mission


    Leadership in education and scientific research in the disciplines of applied medical sciences and community partnership locally and nationally.


    Preparing competent graduates in applied medical sciences by offering outstanding scientific programs, innovative scientific research, and an influential community partnership.


      The Faculty  of Applied Medical Sciences aims to:

      • Developing current academic programs. 
      • Introducing new academic programs. 
      • Providing innovative and high-quality scientific research in medical sciences. 
      • Developing postgraduate programs. 
      • Providing health services in medical science disciplines. 

      Facts and Figures